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Sunday, January 6, 2019


I found this cheap figures in a flea market. I couldn´t resist! they are so cool and would be perfect to display along with my Ice Age Dino Riders or to make other nice diorama photoshoots.

The person who sold them to me had a lot of toys from the early 2000s, and nothing from the 90s or older. Later I found another figure in a big lot of figures from various decades, being the newer from the mid 90s. I also asked Hugh from Small Scale World about them, and he told me that they came in sets with plastic dinosaurs, so they were probably popular after each Jurassic Park movie in the 90s. That is why I think they were probably made in the early 90s, and reused and resold many times since then. Hugh already informed me, that they are "generic" figures, that is, figures that have been sold under many brands and in very different sets over many years, so it is difficult to trace back those casts to one manufacturer.

No matter what, these four figures may not be the complete set, they represent cavemen in different positions. One is holding a stone over his head, another one is walking with a club in his hand, another is crouching and lighting a fire with two stones, and the last one seems to be collecting something from the ground.

I took several pictures of these figures that I present now.

  • Year: Around 1990?
  • Company: Unknown Manufacturer (China)
  • Size of the figures: 3 to 5 cm


  1. Este tipo de figuras se prestan mucho a fotografiarlas como has hecho, en plena naturaleza, pues es una forma muy bonita de jugar con ellas.

    ¡Muy bien seleccionado el escenario!

  2. Me lo pasé en grande haciendo esas fotos. Me faltó alguna foto que me clase un Dino riders "ice age". En esa misma piedra también hice fotos de un Madelman 2050 para el blog. ¡Gracias por el comentario!


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