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Friday, August 26, 2011

#54 SIKU - LAMBORGHINI 400GT ESPADA and VW PORSCHE 914-6 (Ref. V317 and V312) (1971 and 1970)

Again two models by the german manufacturer Siku. The history of this company in relation to 1:60 cars was told here: #35 , so this time I’ll just present two more models, that belong to the exact same series and époque than the Ford GT 40 from that previous article.

The first one is the Lamborghini 400GT Espada, in a beautiful turquoise green with practicable doors. It was available between 1971 and 1974, also in a metallic dark blue version. The model was also made between 1975 and 1981 with different wheels (the ones with white details) and different colours: metallic green and metallic gold, but those were sold under a different reference (1024).

The second one is the VW Porsche 914-6 in yellow with “ADAC Rennpolizei” stickers, antenna and red flag. This model also has practicable doors. ADAC is a German automobile club (“Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club”) and “Rennpolizei” is the road police. Don’t ask me how one thing relates to the other, because I don’t understand it either. This was the first version of this car. Note the primitive wheels. The second version came with different wheels and the “R” logo at the trunk and at the bonnet was yellow in a black circle. The original version was available between 1970 and 1974, while the second version was available between 1975 and 1978 under reference 1323. Needless to say, that the antenna and the flag are very fragile, the model in the picture still keeps the original ones.

The same model was available without the antenna and the flag in orange. From these models there were several versions made, the one with the same wheels than the cars in the picture is considered to be very rare, and therefore very expensive. In this website, it is written, that there were only 3338 units made of it, but it is not clear if it refers to the orange version, the yellow one, both together or what.

It is maybe interesting to mention, that I don’t know many other brands that made those cars at 1:60 scale (or similar)… they have been rarely done. The only Porsche 914 that I own was made by Playart. Matchbox released not so long ago this model too. From the Lamborghini Espada I don’t know any other release at this scale than this one.


  • Name: LAMBORGHINI 400GT ESPADA and VW PORSCHE 914-6 (Ref. V317 and V312)
  • Scale: 1:60
  • Year: 1971 and 1970
  • Company: Siku (Germany)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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