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Sunday, November 27, 2011

#88 ACTION FAN Nr. 20

Action Fan celebrates its third birthday with a new whole issue (number 20!) that in my opinion is the best number I have read so far. Why? This time there is a mixture of articles dealing with vintage toys and new ones, while in the previous numbers there used to be more new toys than vintage ones.

Articles about vintage toys that can be found in this issue include: Toxic Crusaders, Captain Planet, Remco’s Conan and an introductory article about collecting and Star Wars merchandising, that it’s very promising.

Among the articles dealing with new toys there’s a very extensive review of Resident Evil Figures, an article about “cloned” figures and statues, and a very interesting gallery showing the Star Wars customs by Sillof.

For nr. 20, Action Fan is interviewing the Spanish sculptor Ale Pereira.

From TFTP, we’d like to wish AF a happy birthday and a successful fourth year of existence! Please download the new number, and enjoy it!

Find it here:

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