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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It takes a lot of effort to publish one number of this magazine, but finally, number 5 of Figuras en Acción is out!
As you probably know, I collaborate with this magazine by writing articles for each number, as well as by correcting the articles from other colleagues. Note that this is the only magazine I know in Spanish language dealing with exclusively with vintage toys. This time we have very interesting articles about Filmation Ghostbusters, Trash Bag Bunch, Kenner’s Star Wars, Mego War Heroes, Playmobil “special ed.” figures and Cine NIC (an old Spanish toy projector), among other interesting articles dealing with toys and books.
I advice you all to download it, there might be something you find interesting inside, and if you can’t understand Spanish, you can at least take a look at the pictures that illustrate each article.
We wish you a pleasant reading! Remember it doesn’t cost a cent. Download completely free here:
(green button on the right side of the screen: "Descarga este libro gratuitamente")


  1. I didn't understand anythiong but it seems to be a very good job ! Something I'd like to do.

    Is it distributed in shop to ? Or only on the web ?

  2. Salut Romain!

    The magazine is only available online, although if somebody wants to have it on paper, bubok prints it and sends it to you (its quite expensive in my opinion).

    We started two years ago, and we do this for free, I don't think anybody would buy it if it costed money.

    If you want to do something like this in french, you'll need several writers (rédacteurs) and (most difficult to find) a publisher (maquettiste?).

  3. by the way, thanks for commenting!


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