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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Scalextric was the most profitable line for Exin; even during the hardest times, Scalextric kept selling while other toy lines had to be shortened or cancelled. Even in its last years (the company would disappear in 1992), Exin always cared about its slot cars line. A proof of that, is that in 1991 Exin decided to start a new limited series of Scalextric cars named Vintage; a reproduction of the most important and popular models, made with the original casts from the 60s and 70s. 

This was the first model, a Seat 600: the most emblematic car in the history of Scalextric Spain. It was also the first model (1966) that the Spanish branch of Scalextric designed and manufactured itself and wasn’t available in the United Kingdom (or anywhere else).

Even though the prices of these cars were very high (around 5000 pesetas -30 Euros- in 1991), the series was a great success. It was so successful, that even the following year (in which Exin definitely closed), a new model was released, and the company who bought the Scalextric license from Exin, Tyco, continued the line in 1994.

The original Seat 600 were already at that time very difficult to find (nowadays are even rarer and much more expensive), so this was a great chance for Scalextric fans to find one of them. The decoration was very similar to the original one, with the chequered flag line and the round number stickers. The color (bright red) was also very attractive. The high price could be observed at the time as an investment… and it was! This model is very rare to find (completed, boxed and with certificate) at reasonable prices.

Each car was packed in a box made of cardboard with a plastic window on the front. The only difference to the normal line is that the box was black instead of red. Apart from the slot car, there were instructions included plus a certificate with the serial number of the car, which was marked in the chassis. The first vintage boxes included a sheet of stickers, for the brave who wanted to decorate their models in another way.

Also interesting is that the Vintage models made by Exin: this one, and the red Mercedes 250SL can only be found in Scalextric box, not in the SCX box. From 1994 on (Tyco and Tecnitoys models), there are two types of boxes, one intended for the national market, the other one for export. In case there are two types of boxes, and therefore two types of certificates, it is unclear if the number of produced units refer to the complete series, or just the Scalextric/SCX series.

  • Name: SEAT TC-600 VINTAGE (Ref. 8333)
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Scalextric Exin (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 10 cm
As an annex, I include here a list of all the vintage models made by Scalextric Spain until 2011:
  • 1994- Jaguar E-Type (Green) 8.000 units
  • 1995- Seat TC 850 (White) 8.000 units
  • 1996- Ford GT 40 (Light blue) 4.000 units
  • 1997- Chaparral (White) a 4.000 units
  • 1998- Porsche 917 (Orange) 4.000 units
  • 1999- Ferrari GT 330 (Red) 3000 units
  • 2000- Tyrrel P34 (Blue and White) 2500 Units
  • 2001- Mini Cooper (Red) 7777 units
  • 2002- Sigma (Silver) 5555 units
  • 2003- Chevrolet Corvette Dragster (Blue) 7000 units
  • 2004- Ford Mustang Dragster (Dark Red) 8000 units
  • 2005- Tyrrell Ford (Blue) 8000 units
  • 2006- Mc Laren M9A (Orange) 8000 units
  • 2007- BRM P261 (Dark Green) 6000 units
  • 2009- Honda F1 (White) 2000 units
  • 2010- Seat 600 (Yellow) 1500 units
  • 2011- Renault Alpine 2000 “Banco Occidental” (Orange) 1500 units


  1. I have a Red 600 Seat/Fiat, I had when I was a kid in UK. I am now 62.

    1. Yes, I knew it was sold in the UK, but to be honest, I don't think it sold very well. Who would buy a 600 instead of the cool Formula 1s of the 60s, when it was probably even more expensive?

      Right now, any 600 in good condition is very sought after in Spain. Just need to look at the prices they have on eBay.

      I only have one original, and it is the grey one, that happens to be the rarest of all colours. Unfortunately, its previous owner damaged the body of the car in order to fit thicker tyres.

      Great car!


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