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Thursday, January 19, 2012


This was the second vintage model made by Scalextric, and the last one by Exin. This same year, the company closed, and the brand Scalextric was sold to the American toymaker Tyco.
The Mercedes 250 SL is also a very important car in the history of Scalextric Spain. It was the second model ever produced (after the Seat 600) with the reference C-32 and it was made in two different versions: in 1967 the hardtop version in white, light brown, black, burgundy red and green (each of them with black, white or burgundy red hardtop variations). The second one, was the “sport” version with the reference C-33, which is the same we are presenting here today. This model was available in white, green, light brown and burgundy red. 
As you can imagine, models from 1967 and 1968 were very scarce already in 1992, and they were very difficult to find, specially, this “sport” version with that extreme fragile windshield. This made the model an instant success, and it was sold very well even though the price was very high.
The vintage version, it was made in bright red, although due to a manufacturing mistake, some units came out in orange. Mostly were destroyed, but some others were mounted and sold.
As it happened with the Seat 600, each car is marked in the chassis with a number, since they are a limited edition of 10.000. The box included, the instructions, a certificate with the serial number, and a sheet of stickers. Instructions and set of stickers are not shown, because they are identical to the one showed in the previous entry.
  • Name: MERCEDES 250 SL SPORT VINTAGE (Ref. 8353)
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Year: 1992
  • Company: Scalextric Exin (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 14 cm


  1. saludos!!!!!

    Qué bonito, sí señor! pocas veces uso esa palabra, "bonito", pero es que con este slot dan ganas de darse algunas vueltas al circuito paseando y disfrutando del paisaje!!! ^^ muy chulo; un añadido de colección (para mi, un ignorante de cómo está el mundo scx y derivados) realmente a tener en cuenta!!!!

    hasta pronto!!!!!

  2. Totalmente de acuerdo, si señor, no hizo muchos coches como este Scalextric España. En los sesentas hizo varios modelos muy elegantes: éste (con capota o sin ella) y el Jaguar E-Type son quizá los más sobresalientes.

    Después todos los modelos se centraron más en competición rally, velocidad y tal, o quizá sólo fue que el concepto de carrera también cambió por aquella época, pues de carreras (rallies) entre dos ciudades (con coches "normales"), se pasó a competiciones en circuitos con coches especiales. Tendría que mirarlo bien para ver qué carreras corrían estos Mercedes, venía en los coleccionables de Altaya, pero ahora no recuerdo bien.

    ¡Gracias por el comentario, Fernando!


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