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Sunday, May 6, 2012


We can tell between three “ages” in Nacoral miniatures depending on which kind of tyres they have. In the earlier models, the hubs were made of metal, and the tyres of gum/plastic, like those in the Mercedes in the previous entry. In the second age the metallic hubs were replaced by plastic ones, that surely were cheaper to produce, and that was a great error: the plastic compound of the hubs together with the tyres reacts in some chemical way and, as a result, the hubs are in most models deformed. It is almost impossible to find model today without this problem. This same problem also happens to the oldest miniatures made by Guisval.
After a couple of years using these two-part plastic tyres, Nacoral decided to change again the wheels of its cars and started making one-piece wheels in plastic. This was probably because the new ones were cheaper to produce, although it could also be that Nacoral had also noticed the problem in their toys.

Among the older toys, it is not rare to find toys whose zamak is very fragile and already broken or about to break. This problem is known as “metal fatigue” or “zamak pest”, and it a not-so-rare problem for die-cast miniatures.

 My car has the base plate broken, but I am not sure if this is because of the zamak pest, 
or somebody simply turn the screws too much.
Back to the main topic today, Nacoral launched a series in 1:24 scale, similar to the ones by Polistil. This was the first series in this scale in Spain, and are also very appreciated today among die-cast collectors.

The catalogue in this scale includes 20 references 3500M to 3520M, plus 8 references (3550M to 3558M) which are models of the 35xx series, but with rally decoration (most of them with simulated mud marks). They were all sold in that black plastic base with a red label, and a transparent cover. From some models there were more than one decoration made (different colours, different stickers…).

 This Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III is very similar to another one produced by the die-cast maker Polistil, which released this model in the same (1:30) scale, but differently to the Italian model, this one was sold in a jewel case.

Observe the many details in the next few pictures:

And finally, the base of the case with the name of Nacoral and "made in Spain". As you can see, it is not very well finished.

As a curiosity, the price of this toy for a toyshop in 1973 was 160 pesetas (0,94 Eur). A later version was released with different hubcaps and mirrors (the later hubcaps were the same for all car models).

  • Scale: 1:29
  • Year: 1973
  • Company: Nacoral (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 25 cm


  1. I have one of this.... made in Zaragoza, my birthplace city.... i love this car, regards, great blog!

  2. ¡Hala mañoo! Gracias por tu comentario, realmente un coche precioso.

    Polistil fabricó el mismo coche en la misma escala (1:30) del que Nacoral "copio" el modelo. Sería interesante compararlos, a ver qué compañía tenía el mejor acabado, pero como no lo tengo no puedo hacerlo. Quiero publicar pronto un artículo sobre el RR Silver Cloud de Polistil en 1:43, que tiene también muchos detallitos a pesar de ser más pequeñín...

  3. Hi Gog..found your site searching "nacoral mini cooper"..

    Found a metal wheeles mini (number 47", light blue with stripes) in nice shape with no busted metal as you it's original case....Want to sell it on ebay..any idea what is is worth?..if you want pics, let me know..


    1. Hi Harry,

      Thanks for contacting me. Depending on the shape of the car (check if the plastic from tyres is in good shape, and if all chromed parts are there) the price could be between 50 and 120 Euros, roughly estimated according to the last sales in There is still one for sale in red for 120 Eur in perfect shape, and many others have been sold for prices around 60-50 Euros.

      Check here:!fq=nacoral%20mini
      (you can change the search terms, try "nacoral" or "nacoral caja" or whatever).

      The problem with Nacoral toys is that you don't really have a constant demand on them. That is, if you offer it through ebay, you'll probably find no buyer, or it will sell very low in auction. I don't think there are many guys looking daily for Nacoral miniatures, as there are for Corgi, Dinky, and so on, so the prices are very volatile.

      This information is based on the Spanish market, I guess other people in the States or UK would pay the same amount of money or even more, since incomes are higher there. Maybe some Mini-collectors out-there? I cannot really make a more accurate estimation on that car.

      To my knowledge it is based on the (this one is really expensive) Mini made by Guisval:

      Hope that I was able to help you. Let my know if you have further questions.


  4. Hello Juan...any ideas where I might find parts to complete a tired example I found ?
    Whatever is keeping the axels in place on the chasis plate are missing, hence the wheels are completely lose. Plate is without screws.

    1. Hi Felipe,

      To find spare parts for this car seems like an impossible mission to me. Either you find a second model for parts, or you try to repair it using customized parts.

      I never opened this car, so I do not know how are the axles built. Maybe with some plastic or wood plates and two-part epoxy adhesive (in Spain I buy "Araldit" by Ceys), it's enough.

      If you have the chance, I'd like to see a picture of the interior, maybe I have some idea about how to repair the car.

      Thanks for the comment!


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