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The Micromasters line is my favourite line in the transformers universe. The line was introduced very early in the history of this blog (see #7)

Now, I’m expanding that article by telling which types of toys were released in this Transformers’ sub-series. Ordered by increasing size:

  • Micromasters Patrols (1989-1990): “Patrols” were group of four robots, sharing a unifying theme, for example Race Cars, Military, Rescue…these packs were the cheapest Micromasters available and came carded. The size of these robots is the reference for the whole collection; the characters are relatively small and have simple transformations. The concept resembles a little bit Micromachines’collections.
  • Micromasters Combiners Squads (1990): The “Combiner Squads” are also small robots, very similar to the “Patrols”. The main difference is that they were sold in six-packs, and that each robot in alt mode is only half a vehicle. This means you need two robots to form a full vehicle. Therefore, the vehicles are larger than the “Patrol” ones. This concept reminds of Matchbox’s “Connectables”, also because the way to put two robots together is by means of two pegs (one male, one female).
  • Micromasters Transports (1990): These are single robots that come with some kind of bigger vehicle with which they can interact. One example is Overload, a truck with a big trailer that turns into a jet-plane or spaceship.
  • Micromasters Stations (1989): The “Stations” are the smallest playsets available. The concept reminds me again of the “Travel City Playsets” by Micromachines. They are a small building that hides some weapon, can transform into some other vehicle (or part of a vehicle) and came with one single robot, in the usual (“Patrol”) size, and just a few parts.
  •  Micromasters Bases (1989): The “Bases”, for example Skyhopper, are the biggest playsets in this series. They are basically the same as the “Stations”, only bigger, with more ramps and more guns, but still with just one figure.
  • Micromasters Combiner Bases (1990): The “Combiner Bases” are also big playsets, whose main difference is that in their alternate mode they can be splitted in two parts (that’s for example two tanks, that together form a bigger tank, or a base), and they came with a Combiner, that’s two robots instead of one.
Toys'r'Us Christmas catalogue (1994) - Showing Micro Combiners Bases (C and D)

Skyhopper and base's accesories and removable parts

Skyhopper in robot mode. Each Station or Base came with one robot.

Skyhopper in alt mode is a jet fighter.

As you can see in the pictures, it’s a toy that is worth completing, since it has many accessories, without which the base wouldn’t look that well. By the way, Skyhopper's base transforms into an helicopter. Here you have pictures of this alt-mode:

I am looking for some accessories and robots to complete other “Bases”, “Stations”, “Patrols” and “Squads”. If you have parts to trade, maybe we can exchange something.  

This Micromasters base was completed thanks to a lot of pieces and I bought just a few weeks ago. When I was going to pay it, I realized, that the seller was a friend of mine, that I knew from my days in the G.I.Joe forums. He sells many figures and toys here

Thanks for the sale!

  • Faction: Decepticons
  • Subgroup: Micromasters
  • Function: Aerial Assault Commander
  • Motto: “The bigger the boom, the better I like it”
  • Bio: Likes to watch things explode. Especially enjoys firing his helicopter's sonic cannon at anything associated with the Autobots. Transforms the copter into a battle base to use its powerful molecular disrupter gun to alter the Autobot's circuitry. Other Decepticons suspect all the explosions have rattled his brain circuits once to often!
  • Tech Specs for Skyhopper:
    • Strength: 6
    • Intelligence: 4
    • Speed: 7
    • Endurance: 6
    • Rank: 6
    • Courage: 8
    • Firepower: 8
    • Skill: 9
  • Name: Micromasters Skyhopper
  • Toy Line: Transformers (G1)
  • Year: 1989
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the toy: Around 22 cm in Helicopter mode
  • Size of the figure in robot mode: 2’’ or 5 cm


  1. Super ! Je ne le connaissais pas celui-ci !

    Je ne m'étais jamais vraiment intéressé aux micromaster, j'ai revendu ceux que je trouvais très rapidement, mais je leur trouve de plus en plus de charme.

  2. Merci pour le commentaire! J'ai recenment acheté une "Patrouille" de Micromasters et j'espere que je peut continuer cette serie dans les semaines prochaines.


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