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Saturday, September 15, 2012

#193 ZYLMEX – EAGLE and B.R.M. H16 F1 (PENNY KNOCK-OFFs) (1969)


About half a year ago, I published three entries dealing with the first “Penny” models ever produced. It was a collection of 15 die-cast F1s from the 60s, from which I owned 12. You can check these old entries here, here and here.
As mentioned in the last of these three entries, this Penny models were copied (or licensed) by many other companies. In this entry I will show a knock-off made by Zylmex (Hong Kong), and in the next entry one made by Redondo (Spain).

Maybe this is the moment to write something about Zylmex (also known as Zee Toys). The whole information for this article was taken from Garyscars. If you want to go directly to the source or you want know more about this brand after you finish this entry, please visit:

Zylmex is known for the die-cast toy cars in 1:64 scale that were produced from the late 60s to the mid 90s. The production of the company splits in two big series: “D” (“Dart-Wheels” or “Dyna-Wheels”) and “P” (“Pacesetters”). Both are basically the same, but “P” series have a better quality (metal chassis), and often features practicable doors.

The first cars produced by this company are precisely the Penny knock-offs numbered D1 to D8 (These would be re-released many times; mine seems to be a reedition since in the box the “new” references are 8301 to 8308). They were available in the UK in “Texaco Scorchers” box (could be found in Petrol Stations).

This series is considered to be a different series from the “D” series, although the models would be later re-released through the 70s and 80s as a part of that series. The formula ones were also available under many different names and packages (blister card, box…). “Flitzer” for example was intended for the German marked, “Racing Car”,…

In the early 70s, the references D9 to D26 were released. Surprisingly, D9 to D14 have “Zee” on the plate, while D15 to D23 have “Zylmex”. These models are mostly custom and fantasy cars, pretty much in the line of Mattel’s HotWheels!

Over the next few years, the collection expanded with new F1s (D27 to D34) and European Cars (D35 to D40), what meant a complete change of mind. Shortly afterwards, models from the D9 to D40 range were re-released in a parallel series called “Crazy Wheels” (CW), featuring “Big foot” type wheels. This parallel series was numbered DxxB.

The mid 70s saw new models (D41 to D72), all realistic reproduction of American and European (also some Japanese) cars. Almost at the same time, the first “P” models were also released, although that will be explained some other time.

As seen on picture galleries, cars were released in different colours, different stickers and wheel types, so there’re a lot of variations for collectors out there. I own around a dozen of these, and I hope to take a picture of them soon, and show them to you.

Interesting about this model are the bright green colour (not the original of the car, nor the colour of the Penny model), the Ferrari sticker, and the wheels with hubcaps. The same car can be found with other types of wheels. Also interesting to mention is the german box, which includes a small sticker with the sentence "Express für Schnellbahnen", which is surely an indication, that the car can be used with HotWheels! tracks.

  • Name: EAGLE (No. D4) and B.R.M. H16 F.1 (No. D8)
  • Scale: 1:66 (approx.)
  • Year: 1969
  • Company: Zylmex (Hong Kong)
  • Size: 6 cm

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