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Monday, November 19, 2012


I wanted to make an article dealing with promotional plastic figures because yesterday I discovered the blog “” that deals with promotional figures. I found the blog very interesting and I could even chat a bit with its creator, Javier. I think this blog will be something really exceptional as it gets more and more contents.

These small figures (around 1 or 1,5 cms high) were done by Yolanda in 1991. They were the prize from a chewing gum promotion that same year. Similarly to the Real Ghostbusters figures I showed a while ago, you had to find a prized sticker in the chewing gum in order to receive one of these figures.

I’m not sure if all of you can recognise the figure, but it is a pumpkin wearing a hat (well not wearing, but on one hand), and a baton on the other hand. This Pumpkin is “Ruperta”, the mascot of “Un, Dos, Tres”, the most successful quiz show ever in TVE (TeleVision Española).

This TV program was aired for 10 seasons between 1972 and 2004. Right after season 6 (1987-88), there was a pause of 3 years before season 7 (1991-92) came. Maybe for this reason, the “comeback” was prepared more carefully, although a chewing gum with the name of the TV program is more an anecdote than a real story.

If you pay attention to the figures, all three are made from exactly the same cast. That is so because there was only one type of figure, but in many different colours. If I’m not wrong, I think each colour was an amulet or lucky charm for a certain aspect of life, like love, luck, health, work, money and so on. There were 8 different colours (red, yellow, bright orange, pale orange, blue, green, violet and pink?).

Behind the hat of each figure, you can read “© 1991 TVE Yolanda” plus the CE symbol.
I can't remember the brand or the maker of these chewing gums, but it was surely the same that did the Real Ghostbusters' chewing gums. The stickers contained small puzzles for children, and some of them, as said before, were prized.

2 sticker examples (taken from:

Comansi (Yolanda was the same company) also released these figures in a slightly different size and cast more or less at the same time. This paralell collection has 10 figures instead of 8


This is the end of my article, but don’t forget to give “” a try!

  • Name: RUPERTA
  • Toy Line: Un, Dos, Tres (TV Quiz Show)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Yolanda (Spain)
  • Size of the figure: Around 1,5 cms.


  1. Esta entrada no me la esperaba jajaja, qué míticas las ruperas. No sabía que también le dabas a estas cosas ;)

  2. ¡Sorpresa! No es que le pegue a esto, sino que son cosas que tengo guardadas en una cajita y, bueno, no las voy a tirar. Además, las figuritas de este tipo tienen su público... aparte del blog que menciono, hay otras muchas personas interesadas. El artículo de las figuritas de cazafantasmas está en mi top 20, y lo han linkado en "minifigures XD", vamos que las figuritas de goma promocionales triunfan.


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