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These two figures belong to the 6th wave of the Masters of the Universe toyline, to which also belonged ClampChamp/Capturator.

This wave was the last in most parts of the world (everywhere except Italy and Spain actually), and therefore these figures are somehow “rare” compared to other in this toyline.

I hope you like the diorama pictures I took last winter, in which Snake Face has cornered Sorceress in a rock… but he doesn’t know Sorceress can turn into Zoar and scape. Here are two more of this series:


The first figure today is Sorceress, from which I already talked some time ago in entry #56, where I talked about Zoar. Sorceress and Zoar are actually the same being in two different forms. She is some kind of spirit, the guardian of Castle Grayskull, and can turn into a bird.

The figure has a nice particularity, and is that is the only female character after Teela (1982) and Evil-Lyn (1983), and unlike these two figures, it's body is made from a completely new cast.

The figure came with a white staff and spring loaded wings. This feature is unique to the figures in this toyline, as well as unique is the articulation on her shoulders. This allows to pose the arms in a coronal pose (“cross” pose), instead of moving just in a vertical (sagittal) plane.

Here a comparison between Sorceress and Zoar figures:


The second figure is Snake Face, one of the Snake Men. I have never talked about them here, but I will as soon as possible. In this entry, I will only comment, that the figure came with a green shield and a green staff (like any other Snake Men), and its feature can be activated by pushing a peg on its back. Five snakes go out of its eyes, mouth and shoulders, and two more appear from its chest.

The inspiration for this figure surely comes from the Greek mythology and more precisely from the gorgon Medussa. Both Snake Face and this mythological being have snakes instead of hair in their heads.

As usual, these figures came with a comic book. Snake Face included “Revenge of the Snake Men” while Sorceress came with “The Search for Keldor”. From these two comics books, I only have the second one, and I’d like to show it here:

This is the end of this entry, hope you liked it. Please leave some comment if you want to add, comment or correct something. Thanks!

BONUS: Cardback for Sorceress

Sorceress cardback illustration (Taken and modified from discussion boards)

  • Toy Line: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Wave 6)
  • Year: 1987
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 10 cm

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