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Saturday, August 17, 2013

#315 POLISTIL – FIAT 131 MIRAFIORI POLIZIA and AUDI 100 LS (Nrs. EL76 and EL78) (1977)

This will be another quick entry dealing with two 1:43 cars made by Polistil in 1977. The first one is the Fiat 131, one of my favorite cars ever, as you can read here. I still have this same car model made by Pilen. I hope I can present it soon.

This time, the Fiat 131 is decorated as an Italian police car. The car is blue and has some tampographies on the sides with the word "Polizia", as well as on the roof..

Doors are practicable, but even most interesting are the details on the roof: the siren and an antenna. The antenna has been repaired by myself and it is not the original. I took a the colour that is similar to the original siren, as I could see searching on the internet. The interior of the car is black and as a whole it is quite elegant.

The car is lighter than it seems due to its plastic chassis. On it, apart of the reference number EL 76 appears a 2-77, which indicates the year in which it was manufactured (1977). The number 2 is supposed to mean February, so this car was designed in February 1977 and launched not much later.

The second model is an Audi 100 LS, whose reference number is EL-78, and date 4-77. That's why I put these two together: same year, almost same number, and similar vehicles. The Audi 100 LS is also made in blue. The only detail it has are the rear license plates from Milano.

Similarly to the Fiat 131 above, this car has black interiors and black plastic chassis. Luckily, the designers planned two extra parts of chromed plastic in both models (the front and the rear bumper), otherwise, the cars might have looked much worse.

Both cars present the classic "5R" wheel, common to many Polistil models during these years.


  • Name: FIAT 131 MIRAFIORI POLIZIA and AUDI 100 LS (Nrs. EL76 and EL78)
  • Scale: 1:43 (approx.)
  • Year: 1977
  • Company: Polistil (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 10 cm

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