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This Guisval model was created for the 1982 collection. It is a very versatile model, since it can be adapted to look in very different ways: the cast comprises the vehicle, but depending on which plastic part is attached to its top, it can be a police car, or an open pick-up, maybe a camper van… This is obviously something that Guisval had in mind when creating the vehicle (other companies did the same before with similar models, for example, Majorette withits camper van).

There were three models released in 1982, although they would be produced during many consecutive years.

Nr. 46 – Patrol Moto Club
Nr. 59 – Camping Car
Nr. 60 – Patrol Jefe Policia

I own four models Datsun Patrol, as you can see in the pictures. Each one is different not only in the colour: they’re three different models and belong to different years. I’ll try to analzyze them.

The oldest car in this group is the “Jefe Policia” version, that’s the black one. The first thing we notice here is that the car chassis is made of metal, as in all models and versions from 1982. The second thing we have to pay attention to are the wheels. These are the oldest wheels for this model.

The second one is the orange model. This one belongs to the “Club” series, that was launched more or less in 1982. This series was a “low cost” version of the standard “Campeón” series, as you can read here.
Since this model was sold with a reduced price, the car came without any plastic hardtop or stickers, but still with metallic base and the same wheel-type. One of the characteristics of the Club series is the lack of interiors, although the first models were already done without plastic interiors and with dark windshield and windows.

The next model is the Moto-Club blue Patrol. This one is more modern as we can notice from the plastic chassis and the alternate type of wheels. My model came with stickers, I remember that, surely I removed them sometime. These are much wider and belong to more modern models from the late 80s, I cannot date precisely when were these wheels used for the first time, but in my catalogue from 1987, there are models with one type of wheels or the other in the same collections. The motorbikes are always red with black wheels, except some rare samples which are the opposite: black with red wheels. These are, as said, very rare, might be a factory error.

And finally, the blue pick-up model is the most recent from all. The chassis is made of black plastic, and the wheels are the most modern from all for. This kind of wheels were used already in the 90s, but I can’t again give the exact year of this change.

  • Name: DATSUN PATROL (several versions)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: 1982 on
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm
BONUS: A list of versions is displayed here for informative purposes. This list is based on pictures seen on the internet and is, of course, incomplete.

Nr. 46 – Patrol Moto Club
  • Blue Asistencia “Fina” decals
  • Yellow Asistencia “Fina” decals
  • Blue “4” decals
  • Yellow “Safari” decals (later)
Nr. 59 – Camping Car
  • Red car with light brown plastic canopy. No decals
Nr. 60 – Patrol Jefe Policia
  • Black with white or light brown canopy. Sheriff “Patrulla nº4” decals.
  • Black with white or light brown canopy. Sheriff “Patrol” decals.
Nr. 57 – Patrol Ambulancia
  • White with white canopy. Red Cross decals.
Nr. 92 – Datsun Patrol (Pick-up, “Club” collection)
  • Orange
  • Red
Nr. 707 – Safari (“Campeón Autopista” series)
  • Orange with light brown canopy plus a jail trailer with a lion. No decals.
Nr. ??? – Helicopter transport
  • Yellow with black canopy and trailer with helicopter. Undefined decals.
“Campeón 4x4” models
  • Versions with white or light brown canopy or with motorbikes. 
  • Several (metallized) colours and decals.
No number – Patrol later models
  • several colours: yellow, red, blue,…
  • several tampographies: totip, sheriff (with an eagle),
  • some with canopy other without
  • military green ambulance, with green canopy.
  • ...

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