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#186 MAJORETTE – CAMPER CAR + CARAVAN, FORD CAPRI + St. TROPEZ and SIMCA 1100 + BOAT (Nrs. 313, 368 and 314) (1979 and 1980)


We already talked shortly about the “pre-history” of Majorette with “Rail Route Jouets” in this entry.

Around 1969-1970, the original Rail-Route series (sometimes “series 100”) was replaced by the “series 200”, which were basically a very similar toy, the same size, more or less the same detail level… Some of these models were not cars, but trailers to be towed by the cars (they were all built in a scale of around 1:64 or 1:65, except trucks).

Almost at the same time, Majorette decided to launch the 300 series, in which you could directly buy, in one single package a truck or car and a trailer that belonged together: Some could also be purchased separately (for example the boat or the caravan), or some trailers were exclusive from a certain set.  The first are as early as 1968-69 (could be even older, Wikipedia is here wrong), so I suspect that there were already some of these in the Rail-Route series… only with other (or no) name.

The name comes simply from the numbering system that Majorette used (and uses) in their cars. 201, 202, 203… and 301, 302, 303…


Majorette 313 Camper Car
Dodge Camping Car
Steckerman Lovely 400

Image from the catalogue 1979

Image from the catalogue 1980

As you can notice from the two last images,1980 catalogue was more ellaborated, with dioramas showing the cars offered in th all series (not only 200 and 300).

The series 300 were naturally more expensive than the series 200, because they were larger (16 cm or 6,5 inches), and needed more metal to be manufactured. A separate series would also have some “added value”, and children could get a single (series 200) or double (300) pack depending on how good they were, or on the occasion.

The following picture proves that in the year 1969 or 1970 there were already double packs.

Different Majorette displays (taken from 1969/1970 catalogue). Note some trucks and cars with trailers in all of them

An interesting thing to mention, is that toys belonging to this series were sold under many different packages. Even at the very beginning car could be purchased in a cardboard box, a jewel-case or a blisterpack. The type of blister you are watching her came later, and is a plastic blister box, designed to be stackable. These were the most spread packaging from the mid 70s to the mid/late 80s.


Majorette 368 Ford Capri + St. Tropez

Ford Capri

St. Tropez

Image from the catalogue 1979

Image from the catalogue 1980

In the Simca 1100 model there is a factory error, because the package is labelled with the name of an older model, present in the 1979 catalogue, that was replaced in 1980 for this one. Probably they still had printed frames for the boxes, so they simply used them.

SIMCA 1100 + BOAT 

Set 314 Simca 1100 + Boat

Simca 1100 - labelled "Police + Bateau" - Factory Error


Image from the catalogue 1979 showing the earlier model

Image from the catalogue 1980 showing my model

  • Name: CAMPER CAR + CARAVAN, FORD CAPRI + St. TROPEZ and SIMCA 1100 + BOAT (Nrs. 313, 368 and 314) (1979)
  • Scale: 1:64 (approx.)
  • Year: 1979 and 1980
  • Company: Majorette (France)
  • Size: approx. 16 cm (with trailer)

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