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Sunday, September 8, 2013

#323 RICO - SUPERBÓLIDO-RICO (Around 1975)

This toy belongs to the same category than the previous motorbike by Payá. Both were made more or less at the same time in the same village by rival enterprises: Rico and Payá.

The car represents the Marlboro Team Texaco McLaren MP23 from the 1974 F1 season. The championship was won by Emerson Fittipaldi driving this car (real model had RN 5).

Rico reproduced the model probably the following year (1975), although in other colours and decorations, this toy would be available during a few more consecutive years. I have seen models with “Martini Racing” (RN: 3, in white) and “John Player Special” (RN: 3, in black and yellow, this one is radio-controlled) decorations. Rico made other interesting cable-controlled cars in big scale, like a famous Mercedes Benz 450 SE or the impressive Porsche 928.

This model should not be mistaken by an earlier model, which is narrower and can be identified by an older, less aerodynamic air intake over cockpit. All of them are made mostly of plastic, but the body is made of tin.


The driving mechanism is the same from the motorbike. The wheel on the control handle pulls from a cable  that turns the wheels in one direction. That’s why, in normal position, wheels are turned completely in one direction. The handle also comes with four buttons, but unfortunately, I haven’t tested it.

The driver is well done, and the helmet can be opened and closed revealing the face of the driver. The next picture shows the nice cockpit with windshield, helmet, the body of the driver and the mirrors. Note also the air intake.

The base of the car is rather flat, with some curving simulating car transmission and direction.

Wheels are very nice, with realistic rims and Good Year racing tyres. Among the brands used in the body of the car are Marlboro, Texaco, S.E.V. Marchal, Rico, Goodyear, STP, Champion, Cibie, Gulf and Tudor. Many of these were not in the real car.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I took them for other purposes than showing them here in the blog.

  • Name: SUPERBÓLIDO RICO (Ref. 3172)
  • Year: Around 1975
  • Company: Rico (Spain)
  • Size: Around 60 cm.

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