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Sunday, October 27, 2013

#340 CORGI TOYS 4th Edition (Dr. EDWARD FORCE)

This book edited by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.has several parts which need to be analyzed independently.

The book starts with a 12 pages introduction to Mettoy and Corgi. The story of Corgi is told chronologically from the very beginning to the 1980s. For each year some releases are commented, remarking those features which were innovative, as well as interesting changes in cars that led to variants today, for example, the change of the hubcaps from conical to shaped, more realistic versions, or a change in the scale from 1:48 to the most common 1:43. This part is ok, but I expected a little more information on the company itself, factories, plans, apart from information on their products.

The second part includes pictures of hundreds of models. Each page depicts three shelves with several cars or vehicles each, to complete the whole Corgi catalogue until the 1980s. The pictures are big, but the cars can be only seen in most cases from the side (I would have preferred some kind of isometric view). Below the picture are the name of the models as well as the reference number.

Third part is a list of variations, in which also the years of release and discontinuation and reference number listed. The variants are described shortly, but accurately.

And finally, a price list, which is probably the most uninteresting part, but might interest some of you readers. The prices may have changed a bit since its edition in 2005, specially after the European crisis in the late 2000s.

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