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Friday, November 1, 2013



This is a must-have book for every die-cast collector not only for Corgi Toys collectors. Although it is quite short (64 Pages), it has a lot of information in it, and great pictures too. The history of the company, as well as the most important lines made by Corgi, are described very well, there is no superfluous data, or listings you can easily find online.

The author, David Cooke, is a toy collector. He founded two model clubs in England in the 70s, and now is a toy curator and trustee at Bressingham Steam Museum in Norfolk. He is obviously a toy expert, and surely has good connections to Corgi managers and employees.

The book is divided in 6 chapters in chronological order:
  • Mettoys – Perfect Scale Models (1934-55)
  • “The Ones with Windows” (1956-69)
  • The Final Years of Mass Production (1970-85)
  • Film and Television Related Toys (1965-82)
  • Corgi Classics (From 1985)
  • The Twenty First Century
Not to forget is the extensive “Further Reading” section with a lot of useful references.
The same author has a book dealing only with Film and TV Related Toys, called “TV Toys” and another one dealing with Corgi’s competitor Dinky Toys, called “Dinky Toys”. Since I liked this one very much, I’ll try to get the other two as soon as possible.

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