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Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is the definitive guide book to G.I.Joe, as the title already says, here is everything you need to know about G.I.Joe: ARAH, and you can also use it as a checklist.

G.I.Joe is probably the most complicated toyline ever to collect, since each figure has its own accessories, which are exclusive to that figure, and it can be a nightmare to have every figure 100%. There are hundreds of figures, and some accessories are as small as a half centimetre.

The book covers both figures and vehicles, there is quite a bunch of information about each single character, plus weapons, variations, mail-ins, estimated prices, easily lost pieces (for vehicles only)… and of course very big hi-res pictures.

The guide covers the “classic” period 1982-1994, which is the most interesting for all collectors I knew until now. Unfortunately, the guide is oriented for an American collector, since no mention of European variants or exclusive figures can be found on it. No information about Indian Funskool, or Asian variants either.

The only problem about this guide is that you are probably faster retrieving the information from the internet. The best site for G.I.Joe, as you probably know, is If you have some practice, and you more or less know which year was certain figure released, you can access the website much faster than you will find the information on the book.

The book’s foreword is written by Larry Hama, and it also contains pictures of discarded artwork and figure prototypes.

To my knowledge there have been two editions so far of this book. I don’t know the differences between them, but pay attention to this when looking for it!

The book is published by Krause Publications and has 304 pages.

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