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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#377 MIRA – GLOSTER (Ref. 355) and BOEING 747 “JUMBO” (Ref. 361 and 362) (Around 1985)

Mira is the well known Spanish manufacturer of numerous scale cars and trucks founed in 1979. They also made some ships in the late 70s (that were commented in this entry).

Their first planes and jets would come out around the mid-80s, and were sold in small boxes with a window on the front marked “Aviones”, although later, they were sold in a similar box, marked “Colección Aviones” with a more modern design and the new MIRA logo. These models are around 10 to 11 centimeters long, that’s larger than the competitors Pilen and Playme, and are mostly based on casts from foreign manufacturers like Matchbox. The wheels are also made of casted metal and are very durable and resistant.

The line originally had 16 references, corresponding to only 8 different models:
  • Ref. 351 and 352 – Tornado (blue or red)
  • Ref. 353 and 354 – Ejecutivo Jet (Private Jet) (red/white or blue/white)
  • Ref. 355 and 356 – Gloster (blue/white “AeroClub” or camo brown)
  • Ref. 357 and 358 – Lockheed (camo brown or grey)
  • Ref. 359 and 360 – Skyhawk (green or grey)
  • Ref. 361 and 362 – Boeing 747 (AirFrance or Iberia)
  • Ref. 363 and 364 – Concorde (grey or white)
  • Ref. 365 and 366 – Cessna (red/white or blue/white)

The series was expanded later with more planes and jets in a smaller size (around 7,5 centimeters, similar to other planes made by Pilen). The new casts were much simpler, made of one single piece of metal with a few stickers on it. (no more plastic parts, no more several assembled metal parts…).

  • Name: GLOSTER and BOEING 747 “JUMBO” AIRFRANCE and IBERIA (Ref. 355, 361 and 362)
  • Scale: Unknown
  • Year: Around 1985
  • Company: Mira (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 10-11 cm

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