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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#393 PRINCESS OF POWER – STORM (Ref. 9722) (1985)

This is my third and last boxed PoP toy. I found it together with the other two (already presented in this blog, check the Princess of Power label).

This winged horse is Storm and it belongs to Catra, as you can see at the front side of the box. Although the box is a bit sun discoloured, you can observe the nice illustration on the front, as well as all the information depicted on the back: a catalogue of wave 1 (depicting all figures, creatures and the Crystal Falls), a picture of the actual toy plus an extra frame to highlight the mane of the horse.

Something curious is that the box still has its price on it: 1975 pesetas (11,70 Eur). Today it might sound ridiculous, because any modern quality toy on that size costs at least 3 times more, but at the time, it was a lot of money.

Note also that the box is the Spanish version, where Princess of Power was renamed “She-Ra y El Reino Mágico”, or “She-Ra and the Magic Kingdom”. As I found this toy, the box was already opened. The toy had been out of the box in the shop, maybe in the shop window, or somewhere inside the shop. The price sticker was also applied in the horse.

Storm, that is the name of the horse, is made of white shiny plastic and has a black mane and tail. Apart from this, the box includes the saddle (to which two plastic wings can be attached) a comb and a brush.

Something curious about the saddle, is that it is different from the one depicted on the box. In the actual toy, the strap that attaches the saddle to the horse is part of the wings, and not part of the saddle. The picture on the back of the box was probably a prototype. Maybe because of the weight of the wings, the prototype saddle would fall down at either one side or the other. By the way… I think I have taken the pictures of the horse with changed wings, the left one should be on the right and the right on the left… sorry.

In my case, the wings are made in Taiwan, the saddle in France, while the horse is not marked. On the box, however, it is stated that the toy is “Made and printed in Spain”.

Also included in the box are the instructions, with some indications about how can you style your Storm with some artistic hairstyles.

And the classic quality control sheet from Mattel Spain:

  • Name: STORM (Ref. 9722)
  • Toy Line: She-Ra: Princess of Power (wave 1)
  • Alternate Names: She-Ra y el Reino Mágico (Spain)
  • Year: 1985
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 24 cm long

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