Thursday, April 10, 2014


I acquired this book just two months ago, since I found it very cheap in an online bookstore. I already had a kinder surprise toy catalogue, and I guessed, this might be similar. It is the edition from 2005/2006, and that’s the reason why it was cheaper than usual. There is a newer version from 2009/2010, in this same publishing house (KMS Verlag), but I don’t really care, since I am only interested in vintage toys.

There is also another book available dealing with Smurfs. Apparently there are so many Smurf made, that they have their own book. It is also understandable, since there are many collectors who just focus on Smurfs. In this catalogue you won’t find any!

But what you will find is a very comprehensive collection of pictures and lists of PVC figures. Each page contains a colour picture of some figures, plus a list with the name of the collection, the year of issue, the names of the figures, some remarks about them and the estimated price.

The major manufacturers are present: Bully, Schleich, Yolanda, Comics Spain, Heimo, Plastoy, Maia+Borges, Mattel, Star Toys, Papo, Fischer, Goebel, LU, Kid’M, Artoys…

In my opinion, it is a great book to check every now and then, and see which figures are available, how rare they are, or just to keep it and watch the nice pictures. If you were born in the 80s or earlier, you’ll probably recognise all characters in the book.

Although the book is written in German, it doesn’t really matter much if you don’t understand it. You’ll only miss the introduction (2 pages) from the authors, but you’ll enjoy the rest of the catalogue.

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