Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#418 FIGURAS EN ACCIÓN (F.E.A.) Nr. 10

The new edition of Figuras En Acción is now out. This is a very special number, since it is our tenth issue. The new number has a bunch of articles on many different topics, most of them related to action figures. Since every article is very different from each other, we had serious problems when choosing our cover.

The opening article is devoted to Mego, but you will also find articles about Mr. Potato, Count Duckula, traditional tin or plastic robots or Madelman football players from Spain´82 world cup. My contribution this time is a short article about Real Ghostbusters, based partly on existing articles from this blog.

I also interviewed Adolfo Bernalte, writer of the book "Aviones de Juguete", which was reviewed HERE, and we have the second part of the article done by Fernando Seage on Masters of the Universe bootlegs.

Hope you enjoy this issue, remember to download it HERE, and share it with your Friends!

PS. Thanks Dani for the hint!

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