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Although I have more Madelman and Geyperman (vintage G.I. Joe) toys, it’s been an eternity since I last talked about them. I received around one year ago a big box full of parts and pieces (some of them even in their original packages), but I haven’t had the time to sort everything out, and check which sets are complete and which sets aren’t. This is the first toy I am showing out of that lot.

The “Carro Blindado Geyperman” is really the “Scout Car” from Palitoy’s Action Man, a huge hollow plastic vehicle with very strong wheels. It has place for only one figure, and lacks of impressive features (only a movable machine gun, and a small flag –missing in this model, I will make a repro one as soon as possible), but it is still a nice vehicle for big (1:8) action figures. It has a spare wheel that can replace any of the other 4 wheels.

What I would point out are the stickers that the vehicle has. I think they’re original: head and rear lights, an army emblem and the Geyperman logo.

The vehicle looks very impressive even today. Despite being relatively simple (and probably) cheap to produce, its size makes it look better than it is. Surely a children’s favourite when playing with sand, stones…

In Germany, Schildkröt renamed the Scout Car as UN Friedenstruppe Sicherungs-Fahrzeug (Security Vehicle of the UN Peace Troops). We have commented several times that the German market is especially reluctant to any type of toys related to war.

In this Spanish catalogue image, we can see the a promotional diorama picture.

Geyperman Ref. 7404/ Carro Blindado
 And to finish the article, I'll show the original Spanish box. Rather por, since it is made of cardboard with very few colours.

  • Name: Scout Car / Carro Blindado (Ref. 7404) / UN Friedenstruppe Sicherheits-Fahrzeug
  • Toy Line: G. I. Joe / Action Man / Adventure Team / Action Team / Geyperman
  • Year: 1975
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.) / Palitoy (G. Britain) / Schildkröt (Germany) / Geyper (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 50 cm

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