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Saturday, August 30, 2014


This is a beautiful book. Most of it it´s just high resolution and big size pictures of old tin toys made by companies from Nürnberg (Germany). This city is the home of some of the most important toy companies in Germany and Europe. During the first half of the last century, Schuco and Bing had each thousands of workers each, and produced toys for many european countries as well for the USA. Although these two companies closed by the 1960s, there are still today many world-wide famous companies there, like Playmobil, Carrera or Trix.
Inthe book there are some chapters with beautiful texts, explaining the relation between the city and toys, as well as two short chapters with the histories of Schuco, Bing. The rest of companies (CKO, Fleischmann, JNF, Gama...) are trreated only tangentially. The book ends with an epilogue that gives an insight on the companies settled in Nürnberg that still produce toys today.
Some of the brands shown in this book are:
Arnold, Carette, Distler, Doll & Co., Dressler, Falk, Fuchs, Fischer, Fleischmann, Gama, Gescha, Geobra, Günthermann, Gösö, Hess, JNF, Kellermann, Köhler, Lehmann, Niedermeier, Plank, Seidel, Strenco, Technofix, Tipp & Co. and Wüco
I bought this book in Cologne/Köln in March 2014 for around 12 Eur, although in Amazon can be found even cheaper. There are at least three books more with the same format dedicated to other companies (for example TRIX or Gama), but these are much rarer, they were probably printed in more limited issues.
Very interesting book, if you ever find it, buy it. It is a nice introduction to German toys and offers a great insight into the toy companies from Nürnberg.
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