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This is an entry I was willing to write since a long time, because this CORPS topic remains more or less open since entries #278, #279 and #280. There, I talked about all figures from the Corps´ waves 2 and most figures from wave 3, but I still need to comment the last 6 figures from wave 3.

If you want to know more about this series, plese visit now (or later) those entries, there are a lot of data there to read and analyse!

The names of the wave 3 missing characters are (in alphabetical order):
  • Brickwall
  • Crusher McCloskey
  • Hat Trick Lemonde
  • Lightning Mobutu
  • Sensei Kabuto
  • Steve Wyoming
These figures are the most difficult to find in the whole collection, especially complete with accesories, since the casts (both for the figures and the accesories) were almost never reused. All six figures except one (Hat Trick Lemonde) were reissued in the "Blades" series. Some rumours I heard say the casts got destroyed/damaged accidentally, so, these figures could only have a v1, unlike other Corps characters which have 5 or more versions... I should investigate about this, because I own later figures which share the legs with Brickwall and other casts that look pretty much the heads of Brickwall or Steve Wyoming.

Two things surprise me from these last six figures. First are the names, which are quite imaginative... to say it diplomatically. Second is the colourful and strange uniforms they are wearing. Yes, I now the rest of wave 3 is also quite colourful, but in my opinion, the uniforms of Crusher McCloskey, Hat Trick Lemonde or Steve Wyoming are... ahem... ridiculous.

By the way, figures have quite fragile hands... make sure not to break thumbs when playing with them, or pay attention if you plan to buy them online. And one last piece of advice: please note before purchasing that the weapons are included and that they are the right ones. There has been some confusion about which weapons go with which figures because an old webseite (today not active anymore) presented the figures with changed weapons. Pay attention to my pictures because they are correctly ordered in them.

But it´s not the negative aspects of the figures I want to point out. These figures are nice, and great collectable items. Let´s see the details one by one. In this entry I will present three characters, and in the next one, three more.

The first three are:

BRICKWALL - Probably the best figure in the group, Brickwall could be some spaceship pilot, or some astronaut soldier. The figure has a nice colour scheme in white and red, and nice sculpt details (considering this as a general flaw in the whole  "the Corps!" collection). Its helmet reminds a bit of Sci-Fi from G.I.Joe:ARAH.

CRUSHER McCLOSKEY - This figure has a strange torso, being naked except for some kind of pads and cables that also go to his head. I don´t really know what to think. The head sculpt reminds me of Psyche Out from the G.I.Joe line.

HAT TRICK LEMONDE - This figure is my least favorite (together with Steve Wyoming), because it is some futuristic rollerskater with helmet and some kind of armour that makes him look a bit fat. The helmet let see his face, and he has a moustache, so, all in all, an interesting combination. Colours are also a bad combination of green-red-white. His name is often mispelled as "Lemonade" instead of "Lemonde" (some old Corps! Webseite had this information wrong). Maybe that French sounding name inspired his moustache?

  • Toy Line: the Corps! (wave 3)
  • Year: 1992
  • Company: Lanard (Hong-Kong)
  • Size of the figure: 3 ½¨ or 8 cms.


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