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Monday, May 6, 2013

#278 THE CORPS! – WAVES 2 and 3 (I) (1990 and 1992)

The Corps! figures are since 1986 available in many toy-shops worldwide. They’re one of the longest-live toy lines I know, and this is especially impressive for such a small toymaker like Lanard.

The first wave was launched in 1986, profiting of the huge popularity of Hasbro’s G.I.Joe: ARAH. Selling the figures much cheaper than its competitors, they got a great success.

And so were more figures manufactured and released: the second wave followed 4 years later, in 1990, and comprised 12 figures. Those 12 figures were a perfect mixture of 6 old repainted figures plus 6 new figures (casts).

  • Avalanche (new cast)
  • Chopper (new cast)
  • Croc (v2)
  • Cybor Trooper (new cast)
  • Flashfire (v2)
  • Hammer (v2)
  • Large Sarge (v2)
  • Night Lazer (new cast)
  • The Gasman (new cast)
  • Tony Tanner (v2)
  • Toxic Wastor (new cast)
  • Whipsaw (v2)
We know that casts are very expensive, so this might have been quite an investment for Lanard, but it was surely a positive investment, because in 1990 the G.I.Joe line was still very popular. The next wave came just 2 years later, in 1992, and comprised 18 figures. These were the 12 figures from wave 1 that were not repainted for wave 2, plus, again, 6 new casts. These six new casts are often considered as the most difficult figures in the toy line, because they were never ever re-used. This is quite rare since the rest of the casts have been re-used a lot of times. A theory that would explain this, is that the casts for the figures were probably damaged or destroyed very soon.

  • Bengala (v2)
  • Boomerang Billy (v2)
  • Brick Wall (new cast)
  • Crowbar (v2)
  • Crusher McCloskey (new cast)
  • Dragon Han (v2)
  • Fox (v2)
  • Gunner O'Grady (v2)
  • Hat Trick Lemonde (new cast)
  • Hiro Yamata (v2)
  • John Eagle (v2)
  • Jones (v2)
  • Junkyard (v2)
  • Lightning Mobutu (new cast)
  • Sensei Kabuto (new cast)
  • Shark (v2)
  • Steve Wyoming (new cast)
  • Whispering Willie (v2)
The six new figures in wave 3 are not present in my figure set, so maybe they were released shortly afterwards the rest of wave 3… it is very curious that exactly these six are not included in the 36 figure pack, although the artwork depicts Steve Wyoming. They will be shown in a future entry, as soon as I get all of them complete with weapons.

So here are the first 8 figures in this box, and in the next two entries, I will present 8 figures more each time. Since the box remains unopened, I will be following the order in the box, that’s first row today, second and third rows next.

Shark (v2)

Corps' frogman comes now in bright green colour with black and pink details, what gives the figure a completely different personality compared to v1, which was almost completely grey. Shark v2 came with the same accessories that were available with v1: oxygen tanks, cables, googles and harpoon, even in the same colours.

Fox (v2)

Fox figure was also re-released in much brighter colours than v1. Instead of the elegant uniform in grey, this time the figure wears green trousers and brown jacket. The figure came with two grey rifles, the same that were available with v1.

Hiro Yamata (v2)

Black ninja’s v2 is almost identical to v1: same colours (black and red), same weapons (black crossbow and grey quiver). The only difference are the strange logo on his right leg, and the round Yin and Yang logo on his chest.

Cybor Trooper (v1)

One of the new guys, should represent some kind of Hi-tech soldier with body armour. Their grey suit and helmet give him a very nice look. This figure came with a red backpack and a red pistol. This figure has a variant without sleeves. Since this figure didn’t appeared in old entries, I copy it’s filecard here:

Tactical Profile: Specializes in top secret close range combat tactics and technology
Dossier: Graduated at the top of his Marine Combat Training class. Developed advanced combat body armor and battle field equipment.

Larger description in single pack:
Name: Cybor Trooper
ISF No.: 00864
Equipment Specialty: Infra-red life form analyzer with sequential time relay activator.
Tactical Specialty: Control of and communication with complex machinery and unidentified life forms. Hyperstrength.
Service History: Originally joined ISF as an anti-terrorist operative. Following a near-fatal explosion he was “reassembled” with high tech computer and machine parts.
Professional Profile: Known as the “Spearhead”, a real professional from the word go. His ability to maintain a keen awareness of every situation has proven invaluable in every adverse confrontation.

Avalanche (V1)

The second of the new figures is a skier and a medic. I think the snow outfit is great, but the head sculpt could be better. This figure came with 5 accessories: 2 yellow skies, 2 yellow poles and a red backpack. Again, the filecard:

Tactical Profile: Specializes in top secret close range combat tactics and technology.
Dossier: Graduated at the top of his Marine Combat Training class. Developed advanced combat body armor and battle field equipment.

Hammer (v2)

This figure got a complete change of look, v1 had a jungle camo uniform, while v2 comes with a yellow shirt and bright green trousers and beret. In my opinion an unfortunate change. The weapons were all recoloured from version 1: the backpack became yellow and both the rifle and the gun became dark blue.

Gunner O’Grady (v2)

My favourite figures (this one and John Eagle) had maybe the worst v2 versions in the whole range of figures: From the very cool brown jacket and grey trousers, we arrive to a bright red jacket and dark green trousers, with details in bright yellow (helmet, belt). Terrible. Same weapons as in v1: two grey rifles.

Night Laser (v1)

Night Laser reminds my a lot of Sci-Fi the G.I.Joe figure. Maybe that green colour was intended to copy somehow the Hasbro figure. This figure comes with brand new accessories: a helmet in the same shade of green as the uniform, plus three red accessories: a pistol, a rifle and a backpack.

Tactical Profile: ??.
Dossier: ??.

  • Toy Line: the Corps! (waves 2 and 3)
  • Year: 1990 and 1992
  • Company: Lanard (Hong-Kong)
  • Size of the figure: 3 ½¨ or 8 cms.


  1. my nightlaser was yellow and red with gray highlights. A version 2?

    1. Hi Arnold X
      Thanks for the comment! Yes, exactly, the yellow Night Laser is v2 from Wave 4. In a few days I´ll be publishing the last figures from wave3, keep an eye on my blog!

  2. iv got an mobutu figure in red with gold cobra hood cant seem to find anywhere on net any info thx

    1. Hi Lycan,
      I have not talked about them yet, just mentioned it in entry #578. The red Mobutu belong to the BLADES series, which are ten figures (5 red/gold and 5 blue/silver) with skates. I think they were intended to be "rollerball" players, if you are familiar with the film.
      These 10 figures are rare, but much rares are they accesories in silver or gold.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Are these for sale? I'm interested in these toys


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