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Thursday, November 26, 2015


This is amazing book, published with great quality and a big involvement of a lot of artist (writers, cartoon dubbers, artists, movie directors...) and also the "the Power and the Glory foundation", which is a group of collectors of MOTU´s art. They have gathered over several years a huge collection of original art/artwork related to Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power series: comic books, Filmation´s cartoons, promotional articles (posters, magazine ads...), toy boxes' art, as well as more art and documents related to the origins of the Mattel toylines, to the 1987 film or to the newer MOTU toylines.

The book is oriented to people who are already experts in the MOTU world and know the characters, the backstory and a few facts about the toy series, tv series, Mattel and others, that´s why the book has very few text. If you are not familiar with this series, you can still enjoy the art, but you'll be missing an important part of it.

Each chapter comes with one or more interviews with people involved in the process of creation. In the first chapters, that deal with the vintage toyline and the origins of the toy, most people do not remember anything remarkable about their work. Many just mention that it was just a work they got money for and that was all. Only a few remember characters beside He-Man and Skeletor. In later chapters, that deal with newer toylines, people go more into details.

Overall, I have the impression that people working in the 80s for Mattel, Filmation or as freelances were not aware of what they were creating, of how important that would become, while later artists already know that this is one of the most celebrated toylines of all times.

How the MOTU universe has touched and moved so much people is the magical thing about this toyline. After reading this book it is easier to understand why.

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