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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#630 FIGURAS EN ACCIÓN (F.E.A.) Nr. 13

The latest issue of Figuras En Acción is since a few days out. If you are readeing this blog, I am quite sure you would enjoy the magazine. It is Spanish, as always, and this time it has 6 articles plus news, museums and books.

The news in this issue are a new colleague, that many action figures (especially G.I.Joe and Star Wars) collectors might know: Rodrigo Pellegrini. He will strengthen the team as an editor and will surely provide high quality articles.

The new issue starts with his contribution on Mobile Action Command and Action Jack, but we can also find articles about Monta-Plex (and Monta-Man, which is a copy of Action Jack), figures from "the Planet of the Apes", the GMC Vandura model by Guisval, the promotional Matugomas (from Matutano) and some promotional Clever & Smart figures from Danone.

In this number I have written no article, but I have cooperated in the news and also in the museum sections.

Please download the pdf here:
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