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Thursday, May 26, 2016

#682 FIGURAS EN ACCIÓN (F.E.A.) Nr. 14

The 14th issue of F.E.A. is out now. This number is again quite long: it includes 8 articles, one interview and all the usual sections (news, museums and books).

I wanted since a few numbers to include articles dealing with toylines or toy figures “for girls”, so this time, I wrote about Sylvanian Families, which I found great back in the 80s, and even greater today. They are still selling, and I am amazed by everything they offer.

I also interviewed Javier Aguilar, who is an experienced action figure collector from Spain and was the founder of Figuras En Acción.

The rest of the articles have been written by other colleagues and include topics like:
  • The TV Program “Un, Dos, Tres” and all its merchandising
  • Remco “American Defense” and similar figures
  • Warriors of Virtue
  • Two very nice MOTU bootleg lines from Spain
  • Three old Citroën DS 19 from three different makers
  • The Spanish cartoon Sylvan
  • Roman figures representing home gods. Were this the first “collectable” figures?

Hope you like this issue, please download and share it with whoever may like it!

You'll find the link here:

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