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Monday, July 18, 2016


I recently got this two great blistercards: Futura and Fib Face from the Filmation's Ghostbusters toyline. They are my first MOC/MISB ítems so I can comment a bit the packaging. Note that the cards are in Spanish. As you probably know, these figures were distributed by Comansi in Spain, who at the time had brought several Tyco products to the Spanish market with more or less success.
Comansi also owns Yolanda, so the deal included the license or the rights to produce this same characters in plastic figure format. These are very common nowadays and are found almost constantly in eBay and similar sites. Some look very similar to the Schaper/Tyco figures and sometimes it takes me a few second to find out if the auction is for one action figure or a plastic one.
Back to the package, it is a classic blístercard in dark blue/white (representing a stormy sky at dawn) that came in two designs: the card for the good characters has the three main characters (Jake, Spenser and Tracy) while the card of the evil forces have Prime Evil with Scared Stiff and Brat-a-Rat. The illustrations are quite cool in my opinion.
The figure is placed in the left lower corner in a transparent bubble and includes a comic book with a short adventure of the toy characters. The comic is very colourful and nice, similar to the one made for Dino-Riders.
Some figures came with accesories, like Futura, that cames with a blue helmet. In this case, the accesories came in the same bubble, but separated from the figure, except for Prime Evil, whose accesory is a cloak, and came over his head.
The backcard present all 13 characters in two groups, and includes a few lines to introduce the story. Not very good, but at least you could see the other figures and think which one would you like to buy next.
Something interesting about this line is that out of 13 figures, 3 are women, which is not a bad percentage for an action figure toyline.
The two figures presented here are Futura, a character I like and that is one of the coolest figures in the series. The second figure is Fib Face, one of the evil guys and one of the figures that usually have less supporters. The colours are simple and that is probably what most people dislike about it, but nevertheless I think it is not bad at all.
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  • Name: Futura and Fib Face
  • Alternative Names: Dos Caras (Spain)
  • Toy Line: Filmation Ghostbusters
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Schaper, Tyco (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figure: 15 cm.

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