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Sunday, July 24, 2016

#702 TOMICA – OHARA SNOW TIGER, CITROEN H TRUCK and LOTUS 79 FORD (Nr. 84, F17 and F36) (1978 and 1979)

I am running out of Tomica models to show, the next three do not have anything in common, they are three completely different vehicles: A snow vehicle, a transport van and a Formula 1.

They date from more or less the same age, I got them when I was maybe 6, and I have kept ever since. The Snow Tiger caterpillars have sadly dried and are broke, an as far as I know, there are no replacement for that. I loved it as a kid, it looks great in red, I wish I had seen a real one in the snow at least once.

Ohara Snow Tiger SM30 Nr. 84, Scale 1:78 © 1978

This Citroen van is quite an icon of the French carmaker and also an icon of France itself. I love this truck, that has not been made in this scale by any other toy manufacturer I know of (at least on the old days). It is made in a bright blue colour. It has practicable doors on the rear part.

Citroën H Truck Nr. F17 Scale 1:71 © 1979

And the third model today is a great formula one from the latest 70s. The black "John Player Special" decoration is really impressive, and the car driven by Mario Andretti from the U.S. (with race number 5) was also World Champion in 1978. That´s why the car became so famous that year. The year after that, the car was not so competitive.

Lotus 79 Ford F36 Scale 1:59 © 1978

  • Scale: 1:78, 1:71 and 1:59 respectively
  • Year: 1978, 1979 and 1978, respectively
  • Company: Tomica (Japan)
  • Size: approx. 5-6 cm

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