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Monday, June 19, 2017


I presented more tan one year ago a book that included all cartoons shown in the Spanish Television (and local channels) during the 80s. Now, there is a second part to that book with the cartoons from the 90s.

This new book by Jose Guerrero includes many more references than the previous one, because in the early 90s, two new national channels started together with the regional TVs, all of which offered children’s programmes especially during the weekends and in the mornings. As a result, this is a much more ambitious work.

There are also some improvements, like a better quality of the book binding, an index, several interviews with people related to the cartoon industry in Spain, and the book is so beautiful and so cool to read thanks to a very colourful and graphical layout.

I think this book is a must for nostalgics and also for people interested in the history of TV. Note that the 90s were a great time for anime, the first computer generated series, the start for private channels (you had to pay for them), cable TV and many different types of cartoons, while old style animation was still being produced.

I think this small, handy encyclopedia won’t be outdone in a very long long time.

The book was published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, and there are only very few units left (overproduction). They can be found at ebay, but only for a very limited time. The keyring below was one of the crowdfunding rewards.

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