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Friday, September 15, 2017

#853 GUISVAL - TRASPORTE NASA and TRANSPORTE REGATAS (07007 and 07009) (Around 1987)

We already know the TIR series. Among the different references made for it, there seems to be two types of trailers, some are smaller, other are slightly bigger. The trucks are the same two models always (both American models, never seen in Europe, or at least in Spain). In the first entry, I showed three models I keep since I was very young, and this time I will present two more acquired in the last couple of years.

Like the rest of TIR models, these were available either in jewel boxes, blistercards or loose in nice displays.

Note that the TIR series was available during several years and has two types of wheels at least. The first one is the one used by the car transporter (see previous link), while the one from this NASA truck is the second, more modern version. I guess there were first released in the early 80s and later extended with four more references in the late 80s, maybe 1987.

In the last years of Guisval, another series of trucks with long trailers was launched, but in this case, the trucks are much more modern and "european" and the wheels are completely different, but some of the loads carried in the trailers are the same used in the past. References bleonging to the new series also started with 07xxx.

As a reminder and for the sake of completeness, I copy a list of all classic TIR references:

  • 07001 - Trailer Container
  • 07002 - Trailer Dumper
  • 07003 - Trailer Bomberos
  • 07004 - Tanque Combustible
  • 07005 - Transporte Animales
  • 07006 - Transporte Coches
According to the catalogue, these references also exist (or not!) - Series extension?
  • 07007 - Transporte NASA
  • 07008 - Grua Telescópica
  • 07009 -
  • 07010 - Transporte Bulldozer
  • 07011
  • 07012 - Trasnporte Regatas
But the fact is that, the same model can have two references, note for example, the box "Transporte Regatas" wih number 07009, shown in this entry (instead of 07012) or other models seen at eBay whose numbers do not match those of the catalogues.

  • Name: TRASPORTE NASA and TRANSPORTE REGATAS  (07007 and 07009)
  • Scale: 1:87 (approx.)
  • Year: Around 1987
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 16 cm (with trailer)

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