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#189 GUISVAL – KENWORTH W900 & K100 TRUCKS (Around 1981)


Guisval is mostly known for its miniatures in 1:64 scale. As it often happens with this scale, the cars are around 3 inches, and in the same size, some trucks are also released. The trucks are often labelled with a 1:100 or 1:87 scale, depending on the real model (all toys are around 3 inches).

In the “normal” (Campeón) series, some trucks were released over the years, most notably a Magirus-Deutz and a Volvo in dozens of different versions. Now I am only referring to the series with trailer: The old “200” series (truck + trailer) was around 1981 replaced by this new “TIR collection”, with new, more attractive models.

Guisval, of course, also released trucks in a bigger scale (see for example #37). 

Note that among the three trucks in the pictures, two of them are actually the same model with different colours, while the third one is a different cast. This series was conformed by an undetermined number of trucks with a long trailer: the truck could be either one or the other, while the range of trailers was much broader.

The TIR collection was sold in single blister packs, jewel cases and also in a big porexpan or cardboard showcases with place for many trucks.

The same Kenworth trucks were part of other series. Precisely in the “Campeón Servicio Público” or the “Campeón transportes” series were both models available without any trailer or with a shorter (not articulated) trailer.

Within the TIR collection we may tell between the transport trucks and carrier trucks. The second group’s trailer was a platform in which some vehicle was placed, like a tractor, aeroplane, yacht…Reference numbers go from 7001 to 7010 depending on the load. The colour of the truck may vary for the same reference. For example, the truck with the yacht might be yellow (with red and white boat) or orange (with (blue and white boat).

Guisval 1987 wholesale catalogue

Guisval 1987 wholesale catalogue

Blisterpack pic courtesy of Carlos Fuentes ( )

The chassis is made of plastic, as well as the exhaust pipes and other details (chromed). Note that the front bumpers of the red truck are broken and also is one of the rear bumpers in the yellow model. The exhaust pipes are usually broken, also in my red and yellow models. The white truck is complete.

  • Name: KENWORTH W900 & K100 TRUCKS
  • Scale: 1:87 (approx.)
  • Year: (Around 1981)
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 16 cm (with trailer)

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