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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#888 FIGURAS EN ACCIÓN (F.E.A.) Nr. 17

Here is the new magazine Figuras en Acción. This is Nr. 17 already, which means, I have been already 5 years directing the great group behind it, organizing the topics, layouting and doing the communication as well.

The communication is very deficient, but I don´t have time to publish daily on Facebook, Twitter or whatever. I don´t like advertising my own work very much either. In the case of the magazine, I preffer that people discover us, or that people recommend it to other people. After all, the toy collecting world is a very small one, so sooner or later you will find us and hopefully add us to your bookmarks.

This time the magazine comes with a mix of articles dealing with topics like replacement/repro parts, Gamusinos by Star Toys, Indians and Cowboys by Comansi and and extremely interesting article about female knock-offs of She-Ra like Golden Girl and many other more obscure toylines. Of course, our usual pages with news, museums, books, and so on are also included.

Please visit the official blog for the download link. Thanks!

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