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Monday, July 16, 2018


I just received this Hasbro´s Official WWF guide and checklist. This publication has been prepared and done in the last 12 months by Hasbromaniacs, the biggest Facebook community devoted to wrestling toys and figures.

The guide covers all action figures produced by Hasbro between 1990 and 1994, ordered in their 11 waves, plus the mail-aways, the rings, a complete checklist and a couple of pages more dealing with promotional shots Hasbro did for catalogues or promotional purposes, some of them depicting figures whose final version varied in some way from the prototype displayed, or were never mass produced. 

Each wave has one or two dedicated pages in which the figures are displayed "loose" but smaller pictures of the carded figures are also available. In the case of the rings, there is a comparison of all variants, and there are also a comparative picture between all Undertakers.

The quality of the paper and the printing are excellent, only with some resolution flaws in the pictures of the catalogues -which are very rare to find-.

There is very few text -in English- in the 24 pages of the guide. It is not a book, but a collectors' catalogue, so it is suitable also for people who do not undestand English. is also an online shop that offers other articles which we could classify in two categories: custom and paper accessories. In the customs category, we see customized figures, as well as several types of champion belts and the neon entry diorama. Among the paper items we see posters, repro stickers (for example for the different types of ring), this guide or even custom cards to figures Hasbro never released.

Apart from the guide, I also have the back-card poster and a WWF logo print in A4 size, which is given away with every guide as a present. The poster is also quite cool and looks perfect near or behind your figure display. It is not very big, approximately has A3 size, while the print is exactly A4 size and has stunning printing quality. The shop is based in Germany, but can ship most of their articles for a very cheap rate: 5 US$ or 3,90 Euro worldwide. Please take a look at what they offer, there are very cool things in there!

A video of the guide can be seen in the Facebook group under this link. Please do not miss this video!! (No Facebook account or login required).


  1. La verdad es que tiene muy buena pinta. Lo único que me echa un poco para atrás es que, viendo el vídeo, el papel no parece muy grueso, o sea se ve como el papel de una revista. Y yo me lo esperaba más grueso. Si me dieras más detalles al respecto te lo agradecería.

    Un saludo.

    1. Gracias Pablo por el comentario. El papel de la guía es excelente, no sabría decirte el gramaje exacto, pero es al menos 100 gramos/metro cuadrado. Y brillo. Creo que el autor debe tener una imprenta o copisteria, porque tanto la guía como el póster, como la lámina están hechos con mucha calidad. Igual puedo enseñarte la guía uno de estos días.


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