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#216 MIRA – SUZUKI GS 1000 & MOTO GUZZI V 1000 65 (Ref. 2301 and 2308) (Around 1983)

Motorbikes made by Mira during the 70s and the 80s were also a big success. Guisval’s models probably sold better, and Guiloy’s were probably better done, but Mira was also an important brand among the die-cast manufacturers, and could distribute their motorbikes very easily, ensuring good sales.

At first sight, these motorbikes are built at a slightly higher scale than those two other brands mentioned above. Earlier models were real motorbikes, done in the “Guiloy”-style. This series was called “MOTO CLUB”. They’re nicely casted, with lot of details, and represent more or less popular models of those years. Later issues (those) were partly released with fairing to make them more attractive to children. From the outside they look now like race motorbikes, but if you carefully see, behind the fairing, they’re the same old models. Note that both motorbikes have actually two seats (or seats for two people) and the Moto Gucci even comes with travel boxes, but anyway, the motorbike looks great with the fairing, and those big race numbers.

Also worth to mention are the plastic pilots, great in their leather suits with a stripe on the side, slightly better than those made by Guisval. Guiloy sold its motorbikes without pilot figures.

MOTO GUZZI V 1000 65

MOTO GUZZI V 1000 65 - Plate: A-JM 309

Each model was made in several colours, so there are a lot of variants out there. All of them were made in metal and plastic (the chromed exhaust pipes, the seat and the fairing are made of plastic), what makes them quite durable.All fairings are actually the same, and the stickers were applied randomly.

As usual in this company, the motorbikes were available in shops in a cardboard frame including 24 models in their cases. Some models were also available in plastic packs. All models were available during many consecutive years, so they’re difficult to date exactly. 


SUZUKI GS 1000 - Plate: A-JM 301

  • Name: SUZUKI GS 1000 & MOTO GUZZI V 1000 65 (Ref. 2301 and 2308)
  • Scale: approx. 1:36
  • Year: Around 1983
  • Company: Mira (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm


  1. Nice...and with figures!!

    I used to like the multicoloured clip-together soft plastic kit motorcycles which came in little matchbox sized boxes, and might have been early Kinder toys in Italy? I think they were made by Giodi?


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Hugh,
      Thanks for the comment! These figures are very nice, I didn't think this could interest you, otherwise I would have taken better pictures of the drivers. These are better than Guisvals. I also have a couple of motorbikes with plastic figures I'll show soon.

      And today I published an article about plastic figures (nothing specially good, but...) with a blog recommendation for you, I think you'll love that blog if you don't know it yet.

      I never heard of Giodi before, but if you're referring to the motorbike I see on google images are quite nice.

      See you!


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