Thursday, January 31, 2013


This book is already the second one by Xavier Arumí dealing with the Spanish toymaker Exin. After “Exin: Su Historia”, which was based on the history of the company and its most popular lines, this second book explains what happened with many toy lines that belonged to Exin after the company closed in 1993, and therefore it’s title (Exin’s Legacy).

So technically, it is not a book about Exin, but about Scalextric, Cinexin, Exin Castillos, Tente, Ibertren… and how these lines/licenses were exploited by other companies like Tyco, Educa-Borrás, Giro Toys or Popular de Juguetes (PdJ). There are many curious stories about people and companies, and as it is usual in this author, the texts are very well written and in a way that anyone could follow what’s being told.

This book is a bit different from the previous books by this author, because it does tell stories that happened just a few years ago, mostly in a time in which I didn’t have any interest in toys, and for this reason, it was particularly interesting. As usual, the book is very well documented, and uses first hand information sources, including interviews with employees and managers of the involved toy companies, that Xavier Arumí exclusively arranged for this book.

And last, I’d like to thank the author for including TFTP in his acknowledgements, and also for signing my book for me.

The book has 150 pages and can be purchased directly from
And if you still don’t have “Exin: Su Historia”, you can order both and get a discount as well as the free eBook "Juguetes y Jugueteras".

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