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Sunday, July 28, 2013


This book is pure gold. It was edited in Ibi in 2005 for the first 100 years of toy industry in the town, 1905-2005, and includes two pages for each toy company (up to 52 companies) that has ever existed there. The first of those two include a short history of the company, told by their founders, or their families, the second page has some pictures related to that company.

The pages in this book includes information on the following toy companies (among many others):

  • Payá
  • Rico
  • Jyesa
  • Mecánica Ibense
  • Picó
  • Coloma y Pastor
  • Gozán
  • Industrial Juguetera (Injusa)
  • Joal
  • Vercor
  • Clim
  • Feber
  • Sanchis
  • Moltó
  • Gonher
  • Guisval
  • Pilen
  • Mira
  • Palau
  • Payvá
  • Guiloy
  • Román
  • Obertoys
  • Chicos
  • Game Movil

When looking for information on the internet, I always wonder how much of truth there is in what people write, where did they get the information, etc. With this book I can be sure that everything told is true, so it makes a great starting point for many of my articles in this blog.

When reading the book, I have noticed, that many of the texts in this book have already been (literally) ripped off by blog authors, websites and books, without changing anything.

A hard-to-find book recommended for people interested in Spanish toys. Next step for me is to visit the town of Ibi and the ultra-interesting “Valencia Toy Museum”.

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