Thursday, November 28, 2013

#353 GOOD TIMES - KULT! Nr. 9 (1/2014)

I just bought and read the new issue of Good Times: Kult! magazine, and it was one of the most interesting issues so far. I was a bit disappointed with the last number (which wasn´t even reviewed in this blog), because there was not even a single article on toys. Well, for this number (it is already number 9), there are plenty of articles about toys: the first one deals with Matchbox´s Superfast series, the second one about the German construction game "Fischertechnik" (some kind of Lego Technic from the 60s and 70s) and if that was not enough, there´s also an article about the cult football game "Tipp-Kick", which is now gaining popularity again. I have never played it, but I had the chance to see people playing it, and it looks real fun. This game also plays an important role in the German movie "Aus der Tiefe des Raumes... mitten ins Netz!".
Toys are not the topic of the article dedicated to Captain Future, but there are a couple of lines about this rare figures from the 80s.
In other categories, there are articles about Porsche 911, and the usual mixture from movies, music, television, books and comic books, food... plus some other articles which do not fit in any of the previous categories.

Something new from this number is that it comes with a dvd which is a German Sci-Fi Pulp magazines catalogue, which were very popular between the 40s and the 80s. I think there are many collectors in Germany who search for these "Hefte" and collect their favorite series (some series can have thousands of issues!). The cover art is always great, so it is nice to see all those illustrations (Perry Rhodan, for example).

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