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Monday, June 23, 2014


This book was edited by the same publisher (Koller-Maier-Sterz Verlag GbR oder KMS) and partly by the same authors than the book presented in entry #401. That book dealt with plastic (PVC) figures based on comics, tv series, films, books... and this book is also based on pvc figures, but all of them from one single TV-series: The Smurfs.

The book is a catalogue and a price guide of all Smurfs made between 1965 (first series) to 1997 or 1998, which is the date in which the catalogue was released. There´re naturally newer guides, but to me, this guide is new enough.

Each page depicts the Smurfs made in a certain year. The upper half of each page is a colour picture of the figures, while the lower half is a list of characters and prices. The guide also includes some figure variations.

The most interesting part is a few pages that explain the history of Peyo and the Smurfs. Other interesting things I learnt are that there are not as many PVC Smurfs as I though, and also that some of them are extremely valuable. There are also several brands that have made this type of plastic figures, although the book talks almost exclusively about Schleich. It would have been great, if there was some information about the Spanish Smurfs like the famous CNT (Comic No Tóxicos).


  1. That is a very interesting book! I fear tho that the official number of smurf figures maybe well over what is listed due to so many being released in the last 16 years because of the anniversary and the movies.

    1. Yes, everytime I go to the flea market I see (literally) hundreds of plastic Smurf in this scale, but you have to put certain limits to your collection(s), and that's why I only buy those that look old enough, so Smurfs from the 70s or 80s. That's why it doesn't disturb me to have an outdated catalogue. A new one costs around 20-30 Euros everytime it is published, which is not every year. Thanks for the comment!


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