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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This trailer is among my oldest Guisval miniatures. I bought it a while ago in todocoleccion for relatively little money. It is brand new, includes the box, and the quality control sheet, and it’s only defect is that the hook of the little crane is broken, and so it is the hinge of the dump truck, but these defects are not really important. If I ever have the chance, I will try to replace them, but in such a perfect paint condition I think it will be very difficult.
The big truck is a Scammell truck with three axles and a big trailer (+one axle) that cannot be detached from the truck. That trailer has space for two 3-inches models, which in this case is a Dump Truck and a Crane. The truck is in 1:50 Scale, but some references carry 1:64 cars on it, so there is some discordance about scales.

Exactly the same cast was reused several times and painted in different colours, to extend the available references into a real collection.

In the front and the back of the box (which are identical), we can distinguish a few references, although these changed from year to year, and some new loads were assigned to the Scammell trucks.
Just as an example:
  • Nº 150 – Camión Porta-Grua (with a 1:50 Scammell Crane-Truck)
  • Nº 151 – Transporte de Excavadoras (with 2x Shovel Truck)
  • Nº 151 – Transporte Tractor Bull-Dozer
  • Nº 152 – Porta Coches “Le Mans” (with 2x Formula 1)
  • Nº 152 – Transporte de Coches (with a Mini-Morris and a Seat 850 Coupé)
  • Nº 153 – Trailer Volquete – Grúa (the one in this entry)
  • Nº 154 – Trailer Bull-Dozer
  • Nº 155 – Trailer Tractor Remolque
  • Nº 156 – Porta Coches “Le Mans” (with 1 Formula 1 and a Ferrari)
  • Nº 157 – Trailer Hormigonera – Excavadora
As you can see, the box has no windows and copies the Matchbox colours blue and yellow from the end of the 60s. At the time, Guisval used the “Auto Model” brand for many of its products, and some (later) boxes had windows on them, in a way that they were almost identical to boxes like the one shown in this old entry.
As a curious note, I include the quality control sheet that is still present in the box. If there was a problema with the toy, you could actually return it for a new one only if you had this ticket.

The Scammell truck casts were also used to créate shorter trucks with references 17x. You can see these as well as many other models from the 150 series (Guisval - Auto Model - Serie Industrial) in the following website:ólidos/.

The line was later "updated" with new references featuring the same big truck with similar loads, only with fewer details (no exhaust pipe and no horn) and new "superfast" wheels. The boxes were also given a new design as "Super Rápidos - Serie Industrial", and even later (around 1978), the Scammell truck was finally replaced by a newer, more futuristic model, like the one I showed in entry #37, and which was called "Colección Escorpión Remolques" or simply "Colección Remolques".
  • Scale: 1:50 (Truck) / Unknown (Crane and small truck)
  • Year: 1970
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 22 cm

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