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Sunday, February 22, 2015


These DVDs are a new initiative started by Mr. Moisés Bernabeu from Ibi. Instead of writing a book, he probably decided, that he wanted to show many pictures and it would be better if he could make a film, or more accurately, a 12-hour tribute to the city of Ibi and its toy companies; 12 hours of pictures and videos with interesting comments.
Mr. Bernabeu, as most people in Ibi, has some connections with the toy industry, and being Ibi a relatively small village, he has spoken with people from every toy company in Ibi, present or past, and with this first-hand information he has elaborated a history of each of these companies, and has collected a lot of photographic, never seen before, material, and has cooperated with the local toy museum, and other collectors.
As said in the beginning, the project is completely private. Mr. Bernabeu has done his best, but the result is still not 100% professional. This does not interfere with the quality of the product, or the information given or the pleasure of watching the DVDs.
The set comprises 3 dvds, the first one being a general introduction to Ibi, its history (up to 2013) and its toy museum, while the other two talk about each and every company, from Payá to Fly (Slot Cars). The companies are ordered by its year of foundation in 5 categories/periods, and each period has again an introduction to those years. The DVD menus are intuitive, and the cardboard cover is really nice designed.
The 3 DVD set costs 20 Euros plus shipping costs, which is a really low price. For all of you interested in the Spanish toy industry from the 1890s to today. It is an alternative to more expensive books.

You can find them here:

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