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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#597 PILEN - ZERO "MARINA", LEAR JET 36, BOEING 747 "IBERIA", CESSNA 404 and CESSNA 210 (Refs. 703, 704, 706, 708 and 710) (Around 1981)

Pilen manufactured a few planes in approximately 7 or 8 centimeters (length) size. These were similar to other existing foreign toys, for example Matchbox or Zylmex.

In Spain, the main competitors to this type of toy were Mira (#377) and PlayMe (#378), although in my opinion, none is better than the other. PlayMe probably had the broadest collection, and the most interesting package, but Mira and Pilen also had good models with nice decorations.

In the case of Pilen there were the following models made:
  • 700 / 701 - Messerschmitt BF 109 / Messerschmitt BF 109 Afrika Corps
  • 702 / 703 - Zero / Zero Marina
  • 704 / 705 - Lear Jet 36 Aero Taxi / Lear Jet 36
  • 706 / 707 - Boeing 747 Iberia / Boeing 747 Lufthansa
  • 708 / 709 - Cessna 402 / Cessna 402 Foto-Cine
  • 710 / 711 - Cessna 210 / Cessna 210 Icona

Later, the series was expanded with 4 more models, again in two decorations each:
  • Mirage 4000 (grey or white)
  • Fokker VFW F-27 (red or dessert camo)
  • C-101 Aviojet / C-101 Aviojet Marines
  • C-212 Aviocar / C-212 Aviocar Icona

Each model was available in different colour variations, or different stickers, for example, the Learjet 36 with either blue tail or orange tail, or Cessna with red wings or yellow wings. The decals usually varied from one version to the other.

As you can see, my five planes are still in their original packages, which consist of a cardboard with shrinkable plastic on top. I just checked Google and could find any pictures of this type of package, so mine are the first. They seem to be quite rare. Note that the plane depicted in the card is the Mirage, so this was actually the later design for the "Aviones" made by Pilen. Earlier designs showed a Boeing 747 "Jumbo" Jet from Iberia.

The most interesting thing from the package, however, is on the backcard. The cardboard has three holes to fix the planes all in the same position and a lot of information about the plane, all models available in the collection and other types of toys made by Pilen. Earlier blister packs had a much simpler backcard, with a listing of the first 10 available models.

You can learn more about these planes in this book: #376.

  • Name: ZERO "MARINA", LEAR JET 36, BOEING 747 "IBERIA", CESSNA 404 and CESSNA 210 (Refs. 703, 704, 706, 708 and 710)
  • Scale: Unknown
  • Year: Around 1981
  • Company: Pilen (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 9-10 cm

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