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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#860 GOZÁN - CAMIÓN CON CUBA - SERIE FURIA (Ref. 162) (Around 1980)

This truck is clearly inspired in the Tonka trucks, licensed in Spain by Rico and sold under the brand “Sansón”, “Mini Sansón” and similar names. I assume Gozán simply tried to compete with Rico producing a similar toy, with a more modern design. The Gozán series called “Furia” were also extremely robust, and made of similar components than the Rico toys.

My unit comes from an old toy shop, it is mint in its box, although the window is slightly broken.

At the back and sides of the box, there are other references. This list also includes references from other boxes.
  • Ref. 160 – Camión Volquete
  • Ref. 162 – Camión con Cuba
  • Ref. 164 – Camión Grúa
  • Ref. 165 – Camión Hormigonera
  • Ref. 166 – Camión de Basura (same as 162)
  • Ref. 167 – Camión  Excavadora
  • Ref. 168 – Camión Lanzamisiles
  • Ref. 169 – Camión Plataforma con 2 Motos
  • Ref. 194 – Camión Plataforma con Bulldozer
  • Ref. 195 – Camión Plataforma con Apisonadora

There were also other series with different sizes and lengths (some were longer trailer trucks, like a car transport that was loaded with nice Formula Ones from the late 70s, Mini 1000s, Motorbikes, Tanks and Jeeps, Renault 5s…).

Some of these include:
“Serie Tigre” (Around 1972)
“Serie Coloso” (Around 1972)
“Serie Bronco” (Around 1972)
“Serie Tigre 2000” (Around 1979)

All toys have the name of the series written in the tin in the front part, inside the cabin, and also in the base.

Do not mistake the “Serie Furia” by Gozán with the “Serie Furia” by Gusival.

  • Name: CAMIÓN CON CUBA - SERIE FURIA (Ref. 162)
  • Year: Around 1980
  • Company: Gozán (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 12 cm

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