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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


This is a rare series of books edited in Germany in the early 70s dealing with antiquities. In principle, these books have nothing to do with toys, but, interestingly, most of them include at least a short chapter dealing with toys.

I have two books.

The first book is Biedermeier, an is written by Lydia L. Dewiel. Biedermeier is an historic period that goes from 1815 to 1848 and is specific to central Europe. It is commonly used to refer specificly to the arts an crafts that flourisched during those years, althought the term can be also used in a wider sense. This book includes a short chapter about toys:

The second one is Zinn by Renate Dolz, that explores the different types of objects made of tin and tin-based alloys (pewter) throught the ages. The last chapter is dedicated to tin figures, and although it is quite short it includes a nice introduction to the topic.

There are many other books in this series, I will definitely buy them if I have the chance. All are illustrated with drawings of objects, and also some photographies.

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