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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have recently bought this pack of two data DVDs that are sold through eBay. They are available from a few different sellers in Ebay, listed at different prices. I decided to buy the most expensive one, since it had a better description, more gigabytes and included several catalogues. I will not put the name of the seller here, but with the description (and picture) above, you’ll easily find who he is.
First I want to say is that the DVDs have what they promise: the comprehensive list of boxes that is show in the description corresponds to what it is to find in the DVDs. You can make your own repro-boxes very easily!
There are many catalogues, (mostly German and English editions), as well as price guides from 2004. The instructions for some models and stickers that are promised in the listing are also there. The fact that there are many German catalogues and that the price guides and other few documents have the eBay seller as an author makes me think that this guy could actually be the author of the dvds, and the rest of the sellers could have copied the dvds from the first seller. If not, he took the trouble to improve and expand the collection.
There were, however, some little problems with my DVDs: I found is that from the 8 or 9 gigabytes, around 3 or 4 are just pictures that nothing have to do with boxes: pictures of different die-cast models, pictures of custom and sci-fi cars, plus a whole bunch of software (freeware). Many files are also doubled… for example instructions for different corgi toys, or stickers… it is true that some are better scanned as others, but they could have erased the “bad” files.

The pictures that illustrate this entry are boxes I made for a few models, just to test how good the scans are, and if they are really accurate in size and colours. I am very happy with them, although with laser printer would actually be better than with my inkjet printer.
I hope you found this review useful if you’re thinking about buying one of these sets.I would recommend this same set I have, rather than buying a cheaper one.
Corgi boxes correspond to these two models:
- Chevrolet Corvair
- VW 1500 Karmann Ghia


  1. I just bought the same 2 disc set and agree 100% with your assessment!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I use those catalogues very often to write my articles, lots of information there, but, on the other side, I haven't printed much boxes apart from those three in the pictures.

  2. Hi
    I saw your posting but I can not find this offer anywhere.. Can you please make me a copy of the DVDs?? I'll pay for your trouble...

    1. Hi, try this link:

      (This comment and yours will be deleted in a few days)

      Best Regards.

  3. HI : When you look at your boxes befor they are folded, it's the same box with different pictures. They getting the same in size naturally. See where they have been glued. It is NOT a copy of original, but only partially. My question therefore - How does the measurements of the boxes corresponding the original box? It is relatively important. Have bought a CD from Sweden where Tractor boxes do not fit the Tractor. :-(

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting.
      I cannot recall very well how I did that, it was long ago. What I recall is that in the cd there were some instructions, and that I printed the boxes correctly at the first attempt. Sorry I cannot help here.

  4. OK Thanks - But my problem is I have two identical copy boxes. Very fine both, but they are in different dimensions. One is up to 8 mm. longer, 3 mm. wider and about 5mm higher than the other ... Which one is right? ... I do not have a original. I just thought about the CDs shown but discovered that it seems to be the same box, they have put different pictures on. My thought was that with the displayed CDs, I might just get a box in a third size. and I can do that myself, without CDs. My box is for Corgi Ferguson Tractor No. 66. It was just an example of one of the boxes I'm missing, but they should have the correct size, I think.

    1. I see, I don´t know any resources where the dimensions of boxes are displayed, and this is a bit too technical for me. I think scanner-generated files should keep 1:1 scale, as long as the file format is not changed, so printing the box following the instructions in the CD may lead to the correct size.

      I got these dimensions for the tractor (not the box) from another website: Length: 76 mm. Width: 46 mm. From the pictures, I would say the tractor fits tightly in the box, so the box must be 77-78 mm long. How long are your two boxes?

  5. Sorry - the time ran. my two tractor boxes are 85 and 73 mm long, so do not think they have the correct dimensions. I continue my search. That's exactly my point, scanned boxes should fit 1:1, so I think there's someone who cheats more than good is out there. Thank you for your time.
    kind regards
    Hans Jørgen Wagner

  6. Yes, you are right, both seem to be wrong. Good luck in your quest.
    Best Regards,


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