Sunday, August 12, 2012


(English: First German Kinder Surprise’s Toys Catalogue Guide)

As any other kid, I liked Kinder Surprise eggs. I got one from time to time, and of course, I kept the toys in a small paper box. More or less at the same time I received my first micromachines, so if the surprise in the egg was some kind of vehicle, I could use it together with the rest of MMs in my Travel City playsets. After a few years, I missed them all, and sometimes I find parts of these toys in drawers and boxes. I never thought about them before that.

It was short ago that I started geocaching, and through this new hobby, I sometimes found figures I liked, and I kept them (leaving something else in its place). Now I own a few (maybe 10 or 20) very nice figures, cars…

This book was not interesting to me, but I found it in a charity flea market and decided to buy it. It was published in the year 2000, so it’s completely outdated. I didn’t care about this, and the book was cheap.

I started reading it and watching the pictures, and I discovered many of my old toys, as well as many others that are great designs, and that I’d like to see sometime. The book covers everything from the very first figure to the year 2000 releases, as well as toys from other surprise eggs like Tombola, Nestlé, and many more apart from Kinder/Ferrero. Promotional Ferrero toys are also there, so it is quite a complete guide.

Figures are sorted by type, like for example: cars, trains, plastic figures, puzzles,… so it’s easy and funny to search through it. If you like plastic figures you should at least own one of these guides, maybe a more actual one. My guide has around 800 pages...

This part belongs to the non-Ferrero toys

By the way, sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's a thick book and therefore difficult to photograph.

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