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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Among all topics that Xavier Arumí’s books deal with, Playmobil is (or was) for me the most uninteresting, that’s why this book is the last one I read from all those that he has written. I have now read all of them, and I can now say, this one is the best written together with the one he dedicated to Exin.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot: maybe it was because I knew nothing about Playmobil, so I could learn many new facts about this toy-line, maybe simply because Geobra and Plamobil are amazing companies under the control of extraordinary people (Horst Branstätter, manager and Hans Beck, designer).

I have to say that after reading this book, I will recover my old Playmobils (they’re somewhere in a box), and I’ll check if they’re complete, in good shape and clean for new blog entries. After learning a bit about these figures, you see them in a different way.

As usual, this book is available at and has a price of 14,00 Euros (+shipping costs) or 3,75 in eBook format. Find it here:  

This book was recommended by Bubok, in its Youtube channel during December 2010.

About the autor: Xavier Arumí is the host of, has already written a few books about collecting and about toys, comic books (that he also illustrate), and novels. He is a collector himself, and as you can check on his website, or reading his books, a great expert on toys, apart from a good writer. Two of his publications are: "Exin: Su Historia" and "Bburago: Su Etapa Clásica".

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