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Friday, November 30, 2012

#221 GOOD TIMES - KULT! Nr. 7 (1/2013)

The latest issue of Kult! is since a few weeks out. I bought this last issue (and the first also, which I didn’t have yet) on ebay, which is an alternative to ordering them on the official site or buying them in your local store. The shipping costs are 3 Eur for Europe, no matter how many magazines you're ordering. I’m quite happy, because now I have all the 7 magazines that have been published so far.

Nr. 7 comes, as usual, with a mixture of articles dealing with cars, movies, music, toys, comics and many more things.

This time we find an interesting article about toys based on space exploration, moon landing, planets, robots... plus a short article about chritmas toy catalogues. Another article deals with magic boxes, which can also be considered as toys. 

Another of the most interesting articles in this issue is one dealing with Michel Vaillant, the comic character created by Jean Graton. A new comic book will be released soon... I was always fascinated by these comics in which the cars were depicted so realisticly, all of them real models, and even with real characters on their stories, like for example Michael Schumacher. 

Apart from this, there are articles about the Moon-Landing, Hawaii 5-O, Russ Meyer, J.R.R. Tolkien, the comic book from "Lustige Taschenbücher", Volvo PV444/PV544, plus many more articles and, of course, the news and kult!-books sections.

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